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Adventure & Action in the Stoder Valley

The unique nature around Vorderstoder and in the Pyhrn-Priel region offers the Hotel Stockerwirt guests incredible possibilities for exciting excursions and action-packed activities. The adventure professionals look forward to showing you all the possibilities on offer. Whether you climb up high or explore sub-surface areas – the choice is yours.


For those who are not afraid of heights, a visit to the high ropes course is just the right thing. When climbing and balancing on unsteady beams at dizzy heights and swinging from tree to tree on long zip lines, courage and skill are required. The adventure professionals are looking after you and make sure that you have great fun in a secure and safe environment.

A canyoning and rafting trip, on the other hand, leads you deep down into the gorges around Vorderstoder and Hinterstoder. The wise belief from aviation, that you always come down in one way or another, also applies to canyoning. The adventure professionals, of course, will guide you safely through this experience. You will learn how to conquer a gorge by skilfully abseiling down into the falling water masses, by jumping daringly or by gliding over smooth rock surfaces.

This unique experience not only releases a lot of adrenaline, but also indelibly shapes your memories of an unforgettable holiday in the Stoder Valley. You will encounter similar experiences on a rafting tour. On board a special rafting boat you can explore the wild and untouched nature of the Pyhrn-Priel region, going along rough waters. Bear in mind that this is a bit of a damp adventure trip. The rivers and mountain streams around Hinterstoder and in the surrounding area are ideal for exciting and action-packed water excursions.

Hotel Stockerwirt has a long-standing partnership with the adventure professionals and our competent team is the right point of contact for you if you want to find out more about these exciting activities during your holiday in the Stoder Valley.