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Fairy-tale story telling in the Chalk cave

Every Wednesday at 4pm in summer

Fairy-tale romantic menu – for our house guests
(Restaurant guests with special reservation only)

The fairy-tale story telling evenings are accompanied by a five-course candlelight dinner. We offer this exclusive experience to our fairy-tale hungry guests once a week in summer.

Lantern walk

In winter, we organise a short lantern walk after dinner once a week. Around the campfire we serve hot punch, which is suitable for children, and listen to the stories of the mountain dwarf.

An evening in a lumberjack’s cottage

In summer, once a week in the evening, we visit the handmade lumberjack cottage, where we bake "Schlosserbuben" (a regional speciality) on an open fire. Afterwards we sit around the crackling fire and listen to a fascinating fairy tale.

“Fairy-tale and scratch-card booklet” hiking-trip

Hiking, painting and winning – an excellent fairy-tale pleasure for the whole family. You prepare and plan your own hike based on fairy tales: after you have received your scratch-card booklet and a special scratch-card chalk as well as a map and all the instructions, the journey begins. You will visit different spots, read the story that goes with the place and by using the “Scratch-card stone” you draw a corresponding image into your book. If you can answer at least 6 questions correctly, you win the "Stoder Valley Dwarf" and become king of the dwarves of the region.

Authentic fairy tales – at any time and everywhere

You can book our storyteller during Advent or for a gathering around the campfire, for a local history lesson at school, for a private birthday party and even for school trips.