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Stockerwirt sustainability

We as Landhotel Stockerwirt are always trying to contribute for the environment and sustainability.

For our efforts, our hotel was awarded with the Austrian Eco Label in 2021!

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Our kitchen attaches great importance to varied, seasonal dishes.
As a partner of Landhotels Austria, we are committed to buying regional products. We prefer to use best quality products from our region and always process them fresh.

As a Stodertaler delicacy and partner of the Austrian Region of Delight, it is also important to us to pamper our guests with traditional dishes from Austria and complement the menu with modern delicacies.

Many of our food suppliers can be found within a maximum radius of 90 km:

  • Sweetwater fish: Goldberg spring near Steyr (approx. 70 km)

  • Fruit and vegetables: Lackner family, Eferding (approx. 90 km)

  • Venison: Jansenberger family, Hinterstoder (approx. 10 km)

  • Oragnic Beef: Redtenbacher family, Kreilgut, Roßleithen (approx. 5 km)

  • Bread and buns: Backstube H. Schwarz, Micheldorf (approx. 30 km)

  • Organic Eggs: Frech family, Brandstatt, Vorderstoder (approx. 2km)

  • Schnaps and cider: Redtenbacher family, Kreilgut, Roßleithen (approx. 5 km)

  • Organic Sheep's milk products: Frech family, Vorderstoder (approx. 2 km)

  • One of our most important partners is the wholesaler Almauer (approx. 60 km)


We also spoil our guests with homemade specialties. We offer homemade jams, schnaps, dilution juices and herbal tea blends - really unique and regional!

heat and energy

In 2010 we decided to change the heating system in our hotel. The logical step was to connect to the Vorderstoder local heating system.

The advantages speak for themselves:

  • The wood chips for the local heating system come from a maximum radius of 15 km from Vorderstoder. Deliveries are only made by our farmers.

  • Saving of extra light heating oil since 2010: approx. 26,000 liters per year!


In addition, we cover 100% of our electricity needs from renewable energy sources!

In everyday life, it is important to us to use energy carefully and sparingly. We also ask our guests to cooperate, for example by turning off the lights when they leave their rooms.

We have also switched the outdoor and indoor lighting almost exclusively to LED and use timers and motion detectors.

In terms of electromobility, we have installed our own e-charging station in our parking lot. Here, electric vehicles can be charged in an environmentally friendly way using hydroelectric power from VKW.

In addition, in cooperation with the company E-Mobility from Windischgarsten, we provide our guests with 4 modern e-mountain bikes during the summer months.



Water is an elixir of life that is only available in limited quantities. We are glad that our drinking water is the purest spring water of the best quality.

It is important to us to use water sparingly and we strive to use only as much water as necessary in our daily work. We are happy when our guests support our efforts, for example by not having their towels changed daily or by not throwing rubbish into the toilet.

We also want to save water with our water-saving shower heads, faucets and toilet flush systems.

You would like to read more? Download our environment policy:

Your opinion is important to us!

Do you have ideas, suggestions or feedback on our environmental measures?
Please send us an email to or feel free to contact us at reception.

Thank you!

Gefrorene Beeren
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