STOCKERWIRT sustainability

We as Landhotel Stockerwirt are always trying to contribute for the environment and the sustainability.

What is sustainability?

The word „sustainability“ is older as you probably would suppose. The original term arises from the forestry. The point was that only that trees were felled for which the forest was aible to reshape himself. Therefore the forest depletion should made impossible. In the 1980 the United Nations defined the word sustainability as a kind of development, in which future generations will have the same conditions as present generations.

This obtained primarily the satisfaction of basic needs. On this base there was a design of different definitions, which often only explane parts of the subject.

Very important is that sustainability not only stands for consumer goods but also for the energy.


In the year 2010 we decided to change the heating system in our hotel. The logical next step was the access to the „Nahwärme Vorderstoder“

The advantages are:

  • The wood chips for the "Nahwärme Anlage" come from the surrounding of 15 km.

  • The supply is only made from the Vorderstoder farmers.

  • We saved about 260 000 liters of heating oil since 2010

Heating system


In the meaning of electric mobility we installed our own charging station on our parking side in the year 2018. You now have the possibility to charging your electric powered vehicle with power of hydroelectric production from the company „VKW“.

Electric mobility


You can find a lot of our food provider in a radius of not more than 90 km from our hotel. Our focus is on quality and regionality. We listed some examples for you:

  • Our fresh water fish are from the "Goldbergquelle" in Steyr, it is about 90 km away

  • Our fresh and regional vegetables come from Eferding (about 90 km away)

  • ... 

Food provider


Jam "to got"

In our showcase you can find different homemade jams. The strawberries are from Eferding, the apricots are from the Wachau and the plums are from our own garden as well es the pumpkins.

We take special care on seasonality and the in time handling of the ingredients.

Please ask after our homemade jams and enjoy!

Also the syrup of our „Holler“ juice and of our „Schafgarben“ juice are homemade.

From the picking of the rough material to the concentrate of the syrup – two real reagional and sustainable products.